We believe in Customer Happiness!

"The goal as company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary" - Sam Walton

In our service, we are employers as well as employees in our trade. We believe that customer satisfaction and supreme customer service will build relationships and be worth a trillion dollar marketing strategy.

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Jeremy Tan

Managing Director

Being one who struggled with career objectives, goals and personal motives I seek to help similar troubled candidates find their directions through the oldest way of learning, to listen.

With my years of experience and keen ability to listen and study human beings, I have been able to refine my work to consistently bring value to clients, candidates and anyone I am in touch with. 

My personal goal is to build a company and team, that provides clear paths through scientific methodologies to people whose lives we touch, in hope of alleviating their lives because we spend on average 100,000 hours at work in our lifetime. 

* 2019 Asia Recruitment Awards Finalist: Recruiter of the Year

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