• Jeremy Tan

What do you Hire for?!

Hiring managers who work for someone, tend to favour a certain type of hire. They favour the type of guy who has done all they want and more, great if they are cheap, amazing if they are available immediately and tantalizing if they are hardworking and humble. What they tend to forget is they hire operational workhorses that will make their jobs no different from yesterday or from 10 years ago.

Many hiring managers never take the risk to hire great personalities, versatility or people with a chip on their shoulder, if they do not fit on a CV. What they miss are people who are going to make their jobs more interesting, engaging and possibly more fun through creative questioning and new ways of approach. While training takes time, we always have to ask ourselves how long it takes to sharpen our knives before we cut faster than with a blunt un-sharpened knife?

Though consumerism breeds the culture of the "bang for buck" mindset, what usually we deem too good to be true, usually proves us right. Hiring like for like usually results in us having the same stagnant responsibilities, due to our stubbornness to pursue change and invoke new minds!

Yes we can argue that in Law, Medicine or most professional work, experience and CV mileage has added value. However I always question to understand, if these knowledge can be assimilated in a relatively short span or developed in the course of work, since the benefits of attitude outweigh experience( and we all have met that over qualified or over experienced colleague), then we should take a smaller risk for a exponentially greater good!


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