21 day plan for increased chances on your dream job

21 day plan for increased chances on your dream job

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Getting a job is not as easy as what everyone says, especially with challenging markets and existing workplace challenges. Why not work on improving yourself to drastically improve your chances of getting a suitable job and one you feel motivated to go to daily?


We will work with you on a programme to get you empowered with a 3 step system. 


1) Learning to tell a story of your experience and how it relates to your ideal job - Completed by a trained HR and Hiring Manager


2) Learning how to speak, pronounce and entertain with your voice -

Completed by a trained Radio Voice Coach and DJ


3) Learning how to dress attractively and impressionably, to secure the best outcomes from all your interviews -

Completed by a fashion guru and top sales agent who empowers via fashion


Armed with these changes, we will also put you in touch with relevant bodies and networks to complete the opportunities chain, to boost your chances of employment!


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